April 2019

Nuclear Reactors 673 - How The Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant Was Destroyed By Corporate Stupidity



Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant: Source: By Nuclear Regulatory Commission from US - Crystal River 3, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63787549

       One of my big concerns with nuclear power is that government regulators often fail to insure that plant operators comply with government regulations and that corporations operating nuclear power plants often ignore regulations in the name of profit. I have often blogged about this problem. Today I am going to write about a good example of what drives my concern.

PepsiCo Backs Down From Announced Billboard In The Sky

      There are many practical reasons to launch satellites including Earth sensing, astronomy, preparing for deep space missions, carrying out low gravity research on chemistry and biology, etc. There are also strategic reasons such as control, command and communication of men and equipment on the ground during war as well as placing weapons in orbit for use in conflict.

Nuclear Reactors 672 - China Has Decided To Use Their Own Hualong One Reactor Design To Expand Their Nuclear Reactor Fleet

Hualong one,_cooling_systems_schemata.png


Diagram cooling systems of Hualong One:

       China has been a strong proponent of nuclear power. They have announced ambitious programs to build and operate many new nuclear power reactors to feed their growing economy with the electricity it needs. However, the 2011 Fukushima disaster had a serious impact on their ambitious building program.

Edible Six-Pack Rings

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Innovation, creativity, problem-solving... these are the qualities that make a great entrepreneur today and I love what this local beer company is doing with all three! Saltwater Brewing is making six-pack rings that are not only biodegradable but edible, preventing loss of life when wildlife try to eat or get stuck in the rings. The company's model should not just be embraced but be made into a mandatory law for every seller of six packs!